The Claude Controller (CC) is the answer to an increasing problem in electronic music production - how to deal with the vast number of controls. There's the synthesizers & samplers, the effects, the levels, EQ changes DAW controls etc.....and they're usually distributed all over the place or buried in computer menus.The CC design solves this.

It's an array of 57 'wheels' and 2 joysticks that you can map to ALL the controls on a synth + the controls of the effects chain and what ever else you need. What makes this system work is the wheels are laid out like a musical keyboard, just with an extra row at the back so you can:

  • Locate a particular wheel or wheels at a glance

  • Provides a easy mental reference for remembering mappingĀ 

  • 'Play' the wheels in real time by independently manipulating them with your fingers

  • The constant morphing of the sound means patches are no longer necessary - getting from one sound to another IS the sound

  • Being a keyboard-like layout allows you to notate the wheel movements using pretty much standard music notation

I believe this is a great new way to understand, play and record synthesizers and with practise, can produce sounds that are as sublime and beautiful as any acoustic instrument.