MIDI Control Monster

My latest creation. A complete integrated and ergonomic set of over 100 controls for constant real-time articulation

Vibe Bar

A MIDI controller to impart pitch bend & vibrato using your playing hand

A short demo using the Vibe Bar with Logic’s ES2.

Setting the pitch bend range to 3 semitones lets you accurately bend to any of those intervals using combinations of the left/right & front/back movements.

More Vibe Bar


Another demo using the Vibe Bar with a brassy sound



The Claude Controller


The Claude Controller is a MIDI device able to control over 60 parameters in real time. The ‘wheels’ are arranged like a 3-octave keyboard (with an extra back row). This arrangement means it’s quick & easy to locate particular wheels at a glance independently articulate 5 at once with your left hand fingers.

More Jamming with the Claude Controller


A more ambient piece with real time articulation of LFO’s & envelops

The 3 Ways

Keyboard with Vibe Bar, Filter Pedal & Claude Controller – A method for unlimited expression.

  • Right hand plays notes, pitch bend & vibrato (+ octave transpose)
  • Foot (or breath pressure) controls brightness
  • Claude Controller (57 wheels) articulates all synth parameters as well as those in the effects chain using left hand

Claude’s Marvellous MIDI Music Machine


A show & tell of some acrylic MIDI controllers I’ve built

Astro Gears  Claude Controller  Vibe Bar  Whackatron

Footsy 100 (pedal board)  Claudeatron  Voxotron